On Tuesday, 25 April 2017 at 19:00, there was a performance of Euripides’ Alcestis in the Aula, P30.

(The first three pictures are from the rehearsals, the last four from the performance.)

A short video clip is below!

MSA, Abi and IB students are very busy studying and taking their final exams.  We wish them all the very best during this stressful time and we look forward to seeing their results.

Never under-estimate the power of communication, is what I always say, and especially amongst teachers. One day, as I and my colleague were walking down one of the lovely Charlottenburg streets, we began noticing the lovely doors. We started brain-storming for good ideas for a project that we could do with our students and came up with the creative project, “The Story Behind the Door”.

Shortly before our last holidays, I asked my students to look for and take pictures of interesting doors. I asked them to think of a conflict, a family or an incident that might have occurred behind that door. After a lot of “grumbling” because many felt that that there might be some kind of “hidden” homework involved, my students left to go on holidays.

I was not expecting the surprise that I was greeted with on their return from holidays. Each and every single one of my students had written an amazing short account about a story behind a door. Of course, the picture of the door that had inspired them had to be handed in with the typed up story.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Another academic year is slowly coming to an end and it is time to place orders for The Educational Package again. 

During the 2014-15 school year, school management introduced the Berlin Educational Resources Fund, to which funds collected for the provision of educational materials are transferred. The idea behind this fund is not only the provision of books, but also a large variation of high quality educational resources as well as IT equipment, stationery and the NMS Log Book. We constantly strive to ensure that the high standards set at the Nelson Mandela School are maintained. We are thankful for your support in achieving this goal. 

The fund is overseen by the school management/administration and is audited by two elected parents from the GEV (Gesamtelternvertretung) every year.

As in previous years, we would like to encourage you to make a voluntary contribution of €50,00 towards financing the school library and IT maintenance staff.  Without these contributions, we cannot continue our work in these areas. These funds will be transferred to the main account of the Friends of Nelson Mandela.

This voluntary contribution of €50,00 is tax-deductible. The This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. are happy to issue a receipt for tax purposes.

Speech 1: Tabea, 11e

Hi everyone, I’m Tabea. As yet another representative of the 11e in accordance to our project “Fashion Revolution”, I think that it is highly important to spread the word about the cause itself.

To summarize this briefly, the very first Fashion Revolution week took place on the 24th to 30th of April 2013. The week is used to encourage people to question the brands that make their clothes and what journey the clothes might have encountered along the way. Currently, there is a large difficulty in the world of fashion. With the emergence of the Fashion Revolution, different brands and retailers continually are challenged to take responsibility for their actions – for the individuals that their businesses so greatly depend on.

Insgesamt 19 Schüler/-innen aus den Klassen 7 und 8 der NMS fuhren zum Deutsch-polnischen Theater-, Kunst- und Foto-Workshop nach Morawa, Polen.

Am ersten Abend gab es ein Kennenlernen mit den Schüler/-innen der polnischen Partnerschule. Alle Schüler/-innen wurden in sieben gemischte Gruppen (dt./pol.) aufgeteilt, die sich dann später selbst vorstellen mussten.

Any questions?

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