B24: Thanks a lot to all the parents, children and teachers and the secretary and the Kleingartenkolonie Stadtgarten who all helped us cleaning up the school yard and repainting the games on the floor on 21 March 2015! It was a lot of heavy work but really fun, too!

Can’t believe that we filled up the 24 m3 container nearly half full with leaves. We repainted 4 games (hopscotch), made the green classroom ready to use and cleaned the water playground for the kids to play with when it is warm enough. The helpful Kleingärtner lend gardentools to us and brought us branches for the planned Totholzhecke („natural hedge or benjes hedge“).

More pictures from B24 and more on the P30 activities below!

P30: Passend zum Frühlingsanfang haben die Schüler_innen am 21.03.2015 ordentlich Frühlingsputz gemacht. Hier haben sie im zweiten Stock im Neubau die Wand überarbeitet, damit die IB Final Art Exhibition gehängt werden kann.

In der P30 waren folgende Schüler_innen am Start:
Zoe Köhler, Olmo Köhler, Keyhan Hatsmu, Freddie Brown, Thomas Borowski, Maximilian Jeschke, Moritz Körte, Louis Bilson, Niklas Gantenberg, Pauline Schneider, Hannah Graute, Isabel Lütgenherm, Kaja Glinska, Immanuel Colombo, Danielle Williams, Maurine Ngowo

Eltern: Christian Lohr

Lehrer: Lutz Mannes, Grant Sutton, Hans Künzel, Florentine Baumann

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