In der Woche vor den Winterferien 2015 habe elf Schüler_innen der NMS der Jahrgänge 7 - 9 die Ausbildung als Peer-Mediator_in der Jugendbildungsstätte Kaubstr. absolviert. In den täglichen, intensiven Theorie- und Übungseinheiten wurden zwischen 9:00 - 17:30 Uhr die Grundlagen der Mediation von den Ausbilder_innen Kerem Atasever, Ina und Patrick Freyburg an die begeisterungsfähige Gruppe vermittelt. Bei erfolgreicher Beendigung der Ausbildung im April wird die NMS um einge Expert_innen reicher sein, die zu einem positiven Umgang mit Konflikten beitragen werden.

Dieses wertvolle Projekt wurde nur durch die großzügige finanzielle Unterstützung der Friends der NMS möglich gemacht sowie durch den persönlichen Einsatz der Kolleginnen Charlotte von Wangenheim, Silvia Schneider und Lisa Kaczmarek. Vielen Dank für eure tolle Unterstützung!

Vielen Dank auch an alle Teilnehmer_innen! Eure Begeisterung und eure Bereitschaft sich dem Thema Mediation zu widmen haben meine Erwartungen weit übertroffen und ich bin zuversichtlich, dass ihr einen wertvollen Beitrag an der Schule leisten werdet.

Patrick Freyburg
Sozialpädagoge an der NMS

The Workshop on becoming a peer mediator

My personal opinion on the Workshop is that it was a fun and also very helpful experience that taught us all very useful skills on how to help solve conflicts! We learned a lot, but we learned in a cheerful environment with a lot of games in between. The Mediators made it a fun week and they taught us a lot.

But the week didn’t just consist of the workshop/seminar; we also had very entertaining free time activities. On Tuesday we went to an Ice skating ring at Hohenzollerndamm and had a lot of fun there. On Thursday we watched a movie all together in the evening. The other evenings we had fun with the other group that stayed with us at Kaubstraße and simply relaxed.

What I personally enjoyed about the week was that it made our group function way better together and that it helped us build up our team-working skills. In the different games we played throughout the week, we had to work together as a group, had to trust each other, but also had to find out what we ourselves could do to make the exercise work. We found out how far we could go, broke invisible boundaries between each other and learned a lot about the qualities of a big group.

The amazing thing about the week that I only notice now, is that we didn’t really have a leader or a loser in our group. We all respected each other and came along with each other. We helped each other.

But the best thing about the whole week was that it brought the B24 and the P30 closer together. It was a project mainly with B24 children, but in between 3 students from the P30 campus. We actually felt comfortable around each other from the very first second on, but it was still a completely new experience, which I think should be repeated often. It is a great opportunity to accept and get to know the “new” school and to make new friendships.

In the beginning of the week, the mediators from Kaubstraße also had a challenge to face: we were the first group they ever had to teach Bilingual! Throughout the whole week we taught the mediators a little in return and helped translate every word they said into English for the few under us, who didn’t understand any German. This also helped us improve our team-work, by helping each other. We had a lot of fun with translating and the whole week was a mix of German and English, so one of us (I don’t remember who it was) jokingly said: “We speak fluent Denglish”. This is also the reason why this text is written partly in German partly in English because we wanted to express what the week was like.

In total, I think the week was a success and a fun experience. We could all well imagine being a peer mediator ourselves and had learned a lot apart from the seminar on its own.

Leonie Hofmann

Stehend: Lisa Kaczmarek, Kerem Atasever, Ina, Patrick Freyburg, Charlotte von Wangenheim
Sitzend: Tuauana, Josephine, Mathilda, Lucy, Leonie, Kruna, Diana, Joshua, Skandi, Yannick
Nicht im Bild: Ruby

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